Our Vision for the Future

A message to visionaries of the future:


  • Current climate change affecting all of California , from property residents to business owners experiencing fires, evacuations, power outages and displacements, has led us to focus and foresee mechanisms to solve these impactful scenarios. ​​

  • In collaboration with International Law (UN 2020) and (2030 Agenda), our current mechanisms will collaborate with and assure California Senate Bill 350 meets all disclosed international requirements and integrate development of smart cities.​​

  • Current disruption of forests torn down for urban development must end. Carbon emissions, deforestation and unsustainable energy that lead to climate change use will see its end by international law and California Senate Bill 350.

  • High performance walls can assist by eliminating and disrupting current construction trends that are consuming the environment. Because of climate change and real estate rental increases, displacement will be dealt with by accessory dwelling units (ADUs), an innovative, affordable, effective option for adding much-needed housing in California. ​​

  • Our solar panels with their battery backup will assist all businesses and homes with ongoing power outages. ​

  • Our website will keep evolving to reflect all these details for a sustainable future. 



Cesar Herrera